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7th November 2023

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Esoteric securitisations are characterised by the additional complexities and nuances of the underlying assets. This SCI Seminar seeks to decode the sector’s idiosyncrasies and provide practical approaches to analysing such transactions.

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  • 7 November 2023
    This panel provides a concise exploration of the unique characteristics of esoteric securitisation assets. It delves into crucial questions about establishing, securing, and enforcing interests in these assets. Additionally, it highlights the importance of employing effective metrics to ensure the quality of underlying assets. The panel also sheds light on measuring and monitoring the performance of esoteric portfolios, while emphasizing the regulatory considerations that need to be taken into account.
    Panel Includes:
    Stuart M. Litwin, Mayer Brown
    Peter Walgren, Morgan Stanley
    Patricia C. Lynch, Ropes & Gray LLP
    Paul Norris, Conning
    Our expert panel will guide you through the intricate process of conducting due diligence for copyright transactions, including the valuation of royalties and the determination of royalty rates. Gain insights into evaluating the quality of studio/distribution platforms and understand the profound impact of digital distribution services on these industries. Discover the key factors that shape successful investments and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of entertainment finance.
    Panel Includes:
    Benjamin Fernandez, Barclays
    Priya Desai, MetLife Investment Management
    Mike Morris, Flexpoint Ford
    Participants will gain insights into data centre and device payment plan securitisations, understanding the complexities and opportunities within these financial arrangements. The session will also focus on documenting covenants related to power, humidity, temperature, and security in permitted development, ensuring compliance and optimal operational conditions. Sustainability considerations regarding power and water usage in data centres will be discussed, providing strategies to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the emergence of Data Centres as a Service (DCaaS) will be analyzed, shedding light on its implementation and implications. Lastly, the transformation of mobile network operators into content providers and its impact on Device Payment Plan Asset-Backed Securities (DPP ABS) structuring and activity will be explored.
    Panel Includes:
    Robert Sannicandro, Deutsche Bank
    Zach Green, Ares Management Corporation
    Christopher Poggi, Ropes & Gray LLP
    Explore the intricacies of PDP oil and gas securitizations, delving into key areas such as managing exploration risk and commodity price fluctuations, conducting thorough due diligence on diverse assets and risk profiles, addressing structural factors like security interest and advance rates, and leveraging the potential of the Section 4(a)(2) private placement market.
    Panel Includes:
    Richard Talmadge, Insight Investment
    Fund finance securitizations represent a burgeoning sector, driven by various factors. This panel delves into the heart of this dynamic landscape, unraveling emerging structures and solutions. We'll demystify the world of securitized debt and tranching frameworks, shedding light on crucial elements like borrowing base, advance rates, valuation procedures, and prepayment thresholds. Join us for an insightful journey into fund finance, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate this evolving terrain.